Congratulations to our latest competition winners:

Cheese and sake pairing masterclass for two from Pantechnicon: Laura from Chesham

Gin and rum bundle from Rosemullion: Alexis from Wiltshire and Netty from Liverpool

Portable BBQ Bundle: Dororthy from Enfield

Samuel Groves pan bundle worth £240: Graham from Retford

Summer gin bundle from Two Birds: Andy from South on Sea

Dukeshill luxury hamper: Joanne from Malmesbury and Eric from Hatfield

Fondue pot and burner: Shauna from Sunderland

Non-stick baking pan set worth over £55: Christine from Lincolnshire

Highland break package worth over £500: Sarah

Le Creuset signature round casserole pot: Mark from Gillock and Peter from Worcestershire

Advent Calendar Winners:

Day 1 - One of three ​​32cm Heritage Rectangular Dishes from Le Creuset - Janet from Barnsley, Ann from Eyemouth and Susan from Birkenhead.

Day 2 - Luxury steak box from Field&Flower - Lisa from Kent.
Day 3 - MEATER Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer - Peter from Newbury.
Day 4 - Christmas banquet from Lu Ban Liverpool - Allan from Caldicot.
Day 5 - Pair of sparkling wines worth £85 from Gusbourne - Paul from Sheffield
Day 6 - £60 worth of charcuterie from Beal’s Farm - Julie from Bradford.
Day 7 - Emotion Graphite salt and pepper mill set worth £80 from Peugeot - John from Brentwood.
Day 8 - Boxing Day bundle from 44 Foods - Sally from Luton.
Day 9 - Bart Christmas Bundle - John from Pembrokshire, Jean from Stockport, Catherine from South Shields, Paul from Co. Fermanagh and Chris from Basildon.
Day 10 - Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven worth £299 - Shelagh from Eastleigh.
Day 11 - One of two bottles of three-year-aged Montanya Exclusiva rum worth £45 - Mark from Oakham and Mark from Hilton.
Day 12 - A six-month bread baking subscription from Honeywell Baking Co. - Sue from Huddersfield.

Day 13 - Bartender’s Choice bundle from The London Essence Company - Ally from Raglan.

Day 14 - One of five cookbook and beer bundles from Sharp's Brewery - Etienne from Ilfracombe, Charlie from Gloucester, Lucy from Morecambe, Angela from Henley on Thames and Karon from Anstruther.
Day 15 - Cheese hamper worth £100 from Comté - Sarah from Dorset.
Day 17 - Cordless 4-in-1 wine opener worth £80 from Cuisinart - Sharon from Hazelbury Bryan.
Day 18 - One of three Pub In A Box sets from Signature Brew - Sandra from Chichester, Dorothy from Redding and Ruth from Chesterfield.
Day 19 - The Discovery Hamper from Whittard - John from Preston.
Day 20 - Twelve bottles of seasonal wine vinegars from The Slow Vinegar Company - Robin from Gisburn.
Day 21 - A Sicilian hamper from Strazzanti - Dominique from London.
Day 22 - A year’s supply of coffee from Hundred House Coffee - Lynne from London.
Day 23 - A Platinum Velvetiser - Heather from Halesowen.

Day 24 - One of three Mason Cash ‘In the Forest’ mixing bowls - David from Chester, Ray from Lincoln and Ashlin from Oldham.