Today, Sat runs the restaurant with his wife Amanda and works closely with head chef John Freeman in the kitchen. The small farmhouse has been extended over the years to include a state-of-the-art kitchen garden, a chef’s table-style dining room known as Nucleus and eight rooms for diners looking to stay the night. Eliminating waste and the environment is something close to Sat’s heart – he works with the University of Nottingham on ecological projects involving food and has even installed a closed loop composting system at the restaurant, which means almost all food waste can be turned into compost for the garden.

The food itself is a masterclass in research and flavour combinations; when creating a new dish, Sat spends a long time looking into the balance of ingredients and how they interact with one another. The tasting menus aren’t just a succession of dishes – each course is carefully considered in the context of what comes before and after it, turning the meal into a sort of journey between plates. Midlands produce is always celebrated, with plenty of game from nearby estates and ingredients from local farmers on offer. Because Nottingham isn’t near the coast Sat tends to stay away from using fish – ‘If I can’t get it as fresh as Nathan Outlaw can, then why should I include it on the menu?’

Outside of the kitchen, Sat loves to shoot during game season and spends a lot of time nurturing the next generation of chefs. His overall ambition is to own one of the best restaurants in the world – and if you ask the majority of his diners, they’ll tell you he’s already there.

Three things you should know

Sat competed in the 2007 series of Great British Menu, winning a place at the final banquet for his starter of egg, ham and peas, which won a perfect ten score from each of the three judges.

Sat was named Chef’s Chef of the Year 2009 by Restaurant Magazine, Good Food Guide Chef of the Year in 2011 and has an honorary degree from the University of Derby.

Sat’s cookbook, Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian, was released in September 2012 but is still regarded as one of the most beautifully designed and influential cookbooks from a British chef.

Sat Bains

The maestro of the tasting menu